Thursday, March 15, 2007

Edwin and Heather... how it all started...

Finally after a LOT of convincing from Samantha i am starting my very own blog. It is a great way to communicate and catch up with people (right Sam;) I thought i would start by sharing how Edwin and i got together, well a short version anyways!! If you want the facts, talk to Edwin and if you want the dramatic interesting story, talk to me! Edwin is from Richmond BC and is Brad Funstons friend and i am from "Speedy Creek" Saskatchewan and i got to know Samantha through Capernwray Bible Centre a few years ago. Samantha is one of my closest friends. Brad and Sam got engaged and planning their wedding while working out at a summer camp. Edwin just so happend to be working with the two of them that summer. Samantha decided she was going to be my matchmaker and told Edwin all about me and showed him pictures of me (which i'm still embarrased she showed him the worst of the worst pictures of me, but the funny thing is Edwin fell for me anyways). Samantha told me all about Edwin. Well if i had a check list everything would have been checked... he sounded so perfect! Could it be true? Well, God is so great and so good to us! Edwin and i started emailing and then that led into talking on the phone and that led into meeting for the first time a few days before Brad and Sam's wedding September 2005! Things moved fast, but it was so natural and we both had peace that God was saying yes, this is good thing... here you go! Edwin left for a year at Capernwray bible school starting in September. We were engaged that December 17th and married May 21st 2006! Our wedding day was the best day ever and we both remember it so well! Having so much help that day allowed us to fully enjoy each moment. We didn't have to worry about anything. We had the decorating divas who decorated, we had an awesome wedding party who helped make the day so fun, doug and shirlee hildebrandt were so helpful in taking charge that day making sure EVERY little detail was PERFECT and of course our families to share in our special day. My parents did so much work and put so much into our wedding... it is unbelievable! Both of our families truly made our dream wedding come true!

Now Edwin and i live in Swift Current and having so much fun together. Edwin is a finishing carpernter working with Wallace Construction and i work at Southwest Family Life Centre, a christian counseling centre, as Office Administrator. We are loving our life together and look forward to many great years together.
I love you Edwin;)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007